Growing knowledge, sprouting ideas and establishing the roots for your garden journey


with Chloe Thomson
Sprout School Founder, horticulturist & passionate gardener
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My Favourite Australian Native Daisies


You'll spot all of these beauties in my garden. They are tough, long flowering & super easy to grow. Perfect for pops of easy care colour!

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5 Outstanding Ornamental Grasses


Perfect low maintenance grasses & grass like plants. Use them to fill gaps in your garden & add movement OR mass plant for great effect.

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6 Ways to Control Weeds NATURALLY


Weeds! They drive us all nuts - but you don't always need to reach for a toxic herbicide to get control of them. Here are my top tips! 

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Come with me 'Behind the Garden Gate' of private gardens to be inspired and learn 🌱 In these new videos I'll take you into a huge range of gardens created by talented garden designers and passionate gardeners - all from the comfort of your own couch!


Sprout School will make you a BETTER & MORE CONFIDENT DIY GARDENER


"I won’t use bamboozling botanical names, expect you to understand detailed soil science or turn you into a landscape architect.

This course will give you the confidence to start your own garden for the first time, tackle a DIY garden makeover or expand your garden beyond a few plants here and there."


Chloe Thomson - Sprout School Founder, horticulturist & passionate gardener

More About Me

"I loved every week of Sprout School, and love how it’s given me more focus in my garden. I’m spotting signs of sucking insects in my garden, and looking for good bugs! I’m so much more conscious of my impact, and overall more confident with my decisions. 


Claire - Melbourne, VIC

Thank you Chloe for instilling in me a passion I didn’t even know I had. My garden went from being a boring, intimidating and neglected dust pit to now being a place full of colour, experiments and wonderful possibilities. This course has been life changing and has helped in many ways that transcend beyond the garden. Thank you! 

Lauren - Melbourne, VIC

"I’m so glad I did the course, it’s really changed my frame of mind when it comes to gardening and I don’t really feel the pressure anymore about doing everything all at once and having it all look perfect. I’m loving the small changes I’ve been making this past month to little pockets of my garden, and it’s really bringing me so much joy!"

Anu, Wollongong NSW

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