Hello, I'm Chloe Thomson.


I'm a horticulturist and passionate gardener who's keen to share my knowledge with everyone! I've lived and gardened in so many different spaces from tiny balconies, to courtyards, acreage and now my 1000sq metre (very sloping) suburban block in Melbourne, Australia. 

I'm a busy mum of 2 boys, so I believe in creating a garden for family, friends and YOU to enjoy. And I'm excited to help you realise your gardening potential and get growing! 

My Garden Story


“The driveway is steep but you can turn at the top, don’t stop halfway up or you’ll get stuck and at the top swing left to pull in front of the garage” - these are the instructions I give visitors to our home and garden. Our north facing, ¼ acre block in the outer north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne has a 33% slope, that’s roughly terraced into 4 main sections. We jokingly call this mountain goat country! 


We bought this property 7 years ago. The 1980s house, in the middle of the block, was surrounded by gumtrees and a handful of poorly placed plants. But there was sooooo much potential and opportunity for us to creative the garden of our dreams. 

Join me in Sprout School and let me help you grow yours! 

Let's get Social!