Sprout School

An online gardening course to take you from overwhelmed on where to start your garden, to empowered and ready to take on any gardening project. 

Get gardening with confidence...


Stop wasting money on plants that don't work for your garden space! 

Feel empowered with the knowledge to find plants and garden ideas, that will work in YOUR space - no matter what shape or size your garden space is. 


The doors for the next round of Sprout School open in early Spring 2022. Get on the waitlist NOW - to be the first in the know.

What is Sprout School...

A 6 week online course, with me (Chloe Thomson, Sprout School Founder & horticulturist) as your teacher. Join me each week for a LIVE webinar, where I'll take you through the 6 modules of Sprout School. 

During the 6 weeks you'll be part of a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share ideas and interact directly with me and other participants. 

Hi I'm Chloe...

I'll be your Sprout School teacher. I'm a horticulturist & passionate gardener - and I LOVE sharing my knowledge with others. With over 15 years experience in the horticulture industry - I'm excited to help you realise your gardening potential and get growing!

More about me

“I dived into Sprout School unsure if I'd really understand as I've never really done much gardening. But there I was doing each weeks simple home work, loving the live webinars and boom I've got the confidence to plan my new garden. This is course for you if you need a plant and gardening confidence boost! 
Anna, Melbourne VIC

"Just a quick thank you for the time and effort you put into Sprout School FEB 2022. Your energy, passion & the generosity you showed in sharing your time, experience & knowledge was amazing. I know I will be able to draw on so much from this course as I progress with building my new garden spaces."
Katrina, Rural NSW

"Thank you Chloe for instilling in me a passion I didn’t even know I had. My garden went from being a boring, intimidating and neglected dust pit to now being a place full of colour, experiments and wonderful possibilities. This course has been life changing and has helped in many ways that transcend beyond the garden. Thank you!" 
Laura, Melbourne VIC

Who is Sprout School for?


🌱 For people with a blank canvas garden, courtyard or balcony

🌱 For people who have tried gardening or outdoor DIY projects and not had the best results

🌱 For people with a “pretty-ish, kind of little wilderness” garden that they want to make their own and improve on. 

🌱 For people with that overgrown backyard full of weeds

🌱 For people too nervous to get into gardening and garden DIY coz they don’t know where to start

🌱 For people too nervous to garden because they “don’t know anything” or are afraid to fail.

“I loved every minute of Sprout School. It was fun, packed with useful tips and tricks and I came away armed with tools to tackle my garden projects. From composting and fertilising to keeping indoor plants alive, healthy and thriving, there really is something for every gardener out there, even a beginner like me. Chloe is a fantastic teacher - she’s so knowledgable, engaging and inspiring. I loved it and thoroughly recommend Sprout School!
Katy, Melbourne VIC

"I’m so glad I did the course, it’s really changed my frame of mind when it comes to gardening and I don’t really feel the pressure anymore about doing everything all at once and having it all look perfect. I’m loving the small changes I’ve been making this past month to little pockets of my garden, and it’s really bringing me so much joy!" 

Anu, Wollongong NSW

Sprout School was so much fun and inspired me with a new passion for gardening. You have made gardening accessible by distilling complex information into a really easy format and encouraged us that we've got this. I've always felt like I was missing a big piece of the puzzle, stumbling around a bit in the dark but now it's like I understand all the components, I feel confident and am seeing the results immediately! 
Rowena, Semi-rural VIC

The 6 Modules of Sprout School 


1. How & where to start - includes understanding your gardens light, orientation & soil type. 

2. Choosing the right plants - building on what we've learnt in Module 1, we will learn to decode plant labels, look at plant/garden trends and how to be inspired to find the right plants for your garden.

3. Garden maintenance tips & tricks - how to make your garden 'low maintenance', learn composting, fertilising 101, irrigation + mulching guidelines and essential tools.

4. Edible gardening - where to grow your edible garden, which plants are right for your space/climate/garden, fruit tree growing 101, veggie + herb gardening 101. 

5. Garden trouble shooting & other annoying things! - pests, diseases, deficiencies, weed control, learn how to take control (naturally) of these annoying things that appear in your garden. 

6. Indoor Plants - get your indoor space green with my top tips on choosing the right indoor plant, caring for indoors and making them thrive!


PLUS access to a private Facebook Group during the course to share photos and ask questions - answer by me and the community 🌱

"To plant a garden, is to believe in tomorrow" Audrey Hepburn

"To plant that garden and keep it alive & thriving you need knowledge and a good gardener is ALWAYS learning"

Chloe Thomson Sprout School Founder & Horticulturalist

“Sprout School was fab! Chloe’s enthusiasm and friendly presentation skills really add to the sharing of her extensive horticultural knowledge. Chloe answers questions & gives feedback in a really informed and supportive way. A great resource!” Belinda, VIC