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An Australian native low maintenance garden in the suburbs of Melbourne with no lawn - Behind the Garden Gate

Jun 22, 2023
Low maintenance garden

In the leafy inner north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, a remarkable low maintenance garden thrives, predominantly adorned with Australian native plants. Designed with a busy family in mind, the goal was to create an easily manageable garden. The owner specifically desired a "overgrown" and rambling aesthetic, avoiding clipped hedges and structured forms. With this vision in mind, garden designer Nadia Cole from Platylobium Garden Design brought the newly renovated home to life by designing a garden that enveloped the property.

This garden is a delightful amalgamation of contrasting elements. The front garden embraces openness, inviting interaction with the neighbourhood through a slate timber fence that beckons passersby to stop and engage in friendly conversations. On the other hand, the backyard provides a secluded and private sanctuary. The cozy courtyard exudes a welcoming ambiance, and the plant selections consist of soft ground covers and taller trees along the boundaries, ensuring enhanced privacy.

A slatted roof pergola provides the ideal space for outdoor entertaining and for summer shade protection 2 grapevines growing in large pots have been trained to grow up chains. Being deciduous they'll still allow plenty of warmth and sunshine in during winter too. 

The gardens stepping stone paths invite you on to explore what's around each corner. 

I hope you enjoy the tranquility and beauty of this low maintenance Australian native garden, cleverly designed to harmonise with the needs of a busy family. 

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