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A productive TINY garden with raised beds & fruit trees in pots - Small Garden Ideas - Behind the Garden Gate

Mar 06, 2024
A tiny garden full of plants - A Garden Tour

Step into the enchanting world of this tiny garden that features small garden design ideas a plenty! If you're looking for ideas on how to garden in a new estate with a tiny backyard and equally tiny front yard then this video is for you! Breanna's garden in the outer south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne is only 3 years old and although it is TINY it's a wonderful example of how creative you can be when gardening in Australia, even on a very small block.

If you're stuck on how to landscape your small space then Breanna's small garden landscaping ideas are for you - let me know which is your favourite tip or trick in the comments below. If you've got a courtyard garden, balcony garden, small backyard or small front yard space this video has LOADS of ideas that you can also takeaway and use!

As we meander through this garden I'll show you the clever techniques used by Breanna to maximise space and cultivate a flourishing small garden sanctuary in the heart of the suburbs. The whole garden has a timeless cottage garden charm to it and includes vegetable gardens in raised beds, pots and planters, loads of flowering plants including perennials and Australian natives and LOTS of fruit trees and fruiting plants - all growing in pots or planters.

This garden has a number of tricky spots to grow in - including a narrow side garden that's wedged between a north facing wall of the house and a tall fence, that creates a space with summer sun but winter shade. A small TifTuf lawn wraps around the corner of the backyard, creating a comfortable space for the kids to play and it's lovely to walk on too!

The small decking space off the back of the house is a private and tranquil space for the family to gather around the DIY firepit. Breanna's got lots of raised vegetable bed planters on the deck too and she's put them on wheels so they can be moved around to chase the sunlight.

Don't miss her top tips on how to grow vegetables in small spaces here either! Breanna's garden focuses on sustainability and family friendly design ideas that converge to create a thriving ecosystem teeming with life. This small plot of land, in a new estate has been transformed into a bountiful haven, where organic veggies flourish alongside fragrant herbs and delicate flowers.

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