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A family friendly garden designed for outdoor entertaining 🌱 Garden Design Ideas Australia - Behind the Garden Gate

Nov 29, 2023

Step into this family friendly, front yard designed for foodies and the joy of outdoor entertaining & gardening in Australia!

Join me as we venture behind the garden gate to explore a beautiful family-friendly garden bursting with great garden ideas, innovative landscaping concepts, and practical how-to tips.

This is 100% a garden designed for family gatherings and outdoor dining. From a stunning pergola to a cozy fire pit, this garden is a true paradise for those who love to host and enjoy outdoor gatherings.

This garden was designed and built by Liam Riley and the team from ID Landscaping Design & Construction. 

Despite being just two years old, this garden exudes a settled charm, thanks to the use of organic materials and rustic reclaimed sleepers. The design seamlessly integrates with the mudbrick home and the natural bushland surroundings.

In the video you can explore how clever design uses the hills and trees surrounding the property to create an illusion of a much larger space.

You'll love the charm of a curved stone wall, serving both as a boundary and a favorite spot for the family - this feature separates the entertaining space from the veggie garden, fruit trees, and lawn beyond.

Terracing using mudstone boulders has been used to create a functional and visually appealing veggie garden space. And corten steel has been used throughout the garden design, especially along the side wall, creating a striking contrast against the lush greenery.

With young boys in mind, the owners prioritised a flat lawn for play, complemented by nature's own playground—large boulders perfect for imaginative adventures. 

The garden design strategically uses of a slat fence to maintain privacy without compromising sunlight on the south side. BEFORE this garden was full of weeds. Now this garden is a testament to functionality meeting beauty.

Let me know your favorite moments from this garden tour on the video, and stay tuned for more garden explorations.

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Garden Design & Build by 🌱 ID Landscaping Design & Construction


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