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How to grow fruit trees in pots SUCCESSFULLY - Bean There Dug That

Feb 08, 2024

YES you can grow fruit trees in small spaces, on a balcony or in a courtyard! The great thing about growing fruit trees in pots - you can grow them nearly anywhere (that's full sun)!

Whether you have a small balcony or a spacious garden, these tips will help you cultivate healthy and fruitful trees right in containers. 

1. Choose the Right Pot Size for your fruit tree: Select large pots that are 40 to 50 cm wide and deep for optimal growth. While smaller pots can work for certain plants like blueberries, larger containers provide ample space for the roots to thrive.

2. Protect Your Fruit Tree Harvest: Use small fitted nets or bags to shield your potted fruit trees from birds and Queensland Fruit Fly. These protective measures ensure your hard-earned fruits stay safe and sound.

3. Nutrients & Watering of fruit trees in pots: Remember, potted fruit trees depend on you for nutrients. Consider hooking pots up to irrigation with a mainline and individual drippers or ensure proximity to a water source. Regularly provide the necessary nutrients for healthy growth.

4. Choose Dwarf or Super Dwarf Rootstock fruit trees to grow in pots: For larger fruiting trees like apples and nectarines, opt for varieties grafted onto dwarf or super dwarf rootstock. This naturally maintains a more compact size, making them suitable for container gardening.

5. Fruit Tree Repotting Strategy: Rather than repotting every year, keep the potting mix topped up and refreshed. Every 2 to 3 years, remove the plant, replace any worn-out potting mix, and consider root pruning if necessary. This is best done during the plant's dormant period. If you notice gaps or if the tree becomes unstable in it's pot, refresh the mix by removing the plant, clearing decomposed material, and adding fresh mix. This is crucial for maintaining the plant's stability and overall health.

6. Small Size Fruit Tree Doesn't Mean Small Fruits: Contrary to common belief, potted or dwarf fruit trees can yield full-sized fruits. In this video you'll see my full sized Pink Lady apples nearly ready.

Container gardening opens up possibilities, even if you think you don't have the perfect spot for a fruiting tree. Whether it's cherries, lemons, blueberries, or apples, growing fruit trees in pots is a rewarding experience. With the right care and techniques, you can enjoy a bountiful harvest in even the most confined spaces. Give it a try, and let the fruits of your labor flourish in pots! 

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