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A low maintenance, family friendly garden - Garden Tour - Behind the Garden Gate

Jan 26, 2024

Step into a low-maintenance family haven in Anglesea, Victoria, where relaxation meets coastal charm. This thoughtfully designed garden, crafted by Ocean Road Landscaping in 2018, seamlessly blends practicality and aesthetics. A crushed rock driveway, bordered by clumping grasses and shrubs in muted greens, greys, and silvers, captures the essence of the surrounding coastal dune environment and the laidback lifestyle of gardening in Australia.

This garden is the answer to the need for a casual and easy going garden space that's low maintenance & perfect for a large family gathering.

The entrance pergola, adorned with ornamental grapevines, beckons you to explore the backyard. Tackling stormwater challenges, a brilliantly managed system ensures not only the prevention of runoff issues but also the flourishing of lush plantings and a vibrant lawn.

At the heart of the backyard stands a magnificent stone wall, a striking focal point that invites gatherings around a potential fire pit. The grasses, mirroring coastal hues, create a perfect harmony, reminiscent of sandy beaches and coastal cliffs.

As you move through the garden, casuarinas and banksias along the back border promise future privacy, while the seamless integration with the adjacent space blurs the boundaries, expanding the visual expanse. Explore a charming picking garden adorned with passionfruit and citrus trees.

A touch of whimsy comes to play with a quirky clothesline, ingeniously tensioned rocks - adding an artistic flair to the outdoor space. On the surfs entrance side of the house is an outdoor shower & surfers storage space, catering to the owners active lifestyle. A bright green fernery offers a soft contrast to the hardy banksias opposite them.

With its repeating palette and quirky features, this garden becomes a relaxing garden retreat for the entire family. If you found this tour inspiring, don't forget to like and subscribe for more and let me know in the comments which was your favourite part of this garden.

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