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A low maintenance garden design using Australian native plants | Behind the Garden Gate

May 05, 2024
low maintenance Australian native garden design

Over the last 12 years, the owners of this garden have transformed it into a low maintenance garden using Australian native plant garden that's brimming with great garden design ideas. Join me, Chloe from Bean There Dug That, as we delve behind the garden gate of this urban oasis in Glen Iris, Australia. This Australian garden tells a story of transformation, from a predominantly paved driveway to a lush oasis inspired by a passion for native plants.

The front yard is now home to many beautiful and sometimes rare Australian native plants - it creates privacy from the street and a habitat for local wildlife. A focal point of the backyard is a tranquil pond, where native ferns thrive amidst fallen tree fern trunks, a testament to nature's resilience and regeneration. Here, a quirky lamp post adds whimsy to the serene ambiance, while established trees offer shade and privacy, framing the space for Jessie, the resident "wombat," to explore.

As we wander through the garden, we encounter surprises at every turn – from standard Grevilleas attracting bees to Finger Limes bursting with zesty pearls. In the covered space close to the house, hanging baskets filled with mostly indoor plants thrive in a microclimate , while Wollemi Pines grow happily in pots.

Over the years, she's cultivated not just plants but a local community, sharing her love for gardening in Australia with passersby and fellow enthusiasts.

In this low-maintenance sanctuary, Debbie's dedication has transformed a suburban space into a thriving ecosystem, showcasing the beauty and sustainability of Australian native plants in urban gardens.

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