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Tour a pretty DIY garden filled with perennials & veggies in the suburbs - Behind the Garden Gate

Jan 13, 2024

In the heart of Melbourne's bustling northern suburbs, Ting and Hannes have masterfully transformed their garden into a flourishing haven within just two years with pure DIY power. Join me, as we step behind the garden gate to explore this epic suburban garden paradise, now teeming with vibrant vegetables, fruit trees, and a tapestry of perennial plants.

 This suburban garden is the perfect example of the power of DIY gardening in Australia and who knows perhaps this garden has the answer you need for some do it yourself garden design at your place!  Look at what the frontyard looked like just 2 years ago....

Situated in Coburg North, this property caught Ting and Hannes's attention with its large, established fruit trees, becoming the foundation for their gardening dreams. The once-overrun and lackluster spaces now boast an explosion of colour and life. There is bold use of colourful flowering perennial plants and lots of stunning grasses for movement and texture.   

Climbers adorn nearly every vertical space - so they can take advantage of their small suburban garden space.   

Exploring the transformed garden, you'll discover four raised veggie beds strategically placed to counter-act the challenges of their heavy clay soil. Ting's approach is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, featuring DIY touches like an eclectic yet efficient tomato frame and a repurposed timber cubby house, now a two-bed composting system.  

In a delightful twist, Ting allows plants from the homegrown compost to thrive in the garden, turning footpaths into lush mazes of cucumbers, tomatoes, and zucchinis during summer.  DIY tee-pees and upcycled structures throughout the garden contribute to the garden's unique charm.  Even the once seemingly unappealing expanse of concrete in the frontyard is now softened with plants, so Ting and Hannes's touches have turned a functional driveway into a potential play area for future generations.  

The backyard unfolds beyond a stunning yellow flowering grevillea - that I'm so glad they kept from the original garden. A grapevine arch ushers us into a spacious, sunlit area housing more veggie beds, mature trees, and an oakleaf hydrangea - one of my favourites!   

Raised garden beds, featuring various edgings, showcase Ting's eye for design. A covered patio, an extension of the indoor space, provides a comfortable setting to admire the garden.  The backyard deck offers a different perspective and a pretty view from the kitchen window. The backyard exudes a cottage vibe, with traditional perennial borders surrounding an old-style shed. A towering tree dahlia also commands attention when it's in full flower.   

The charming chook run, home to five chickens, showcases thoughtful DIY and upcycled garden design. Ting's strategic planting promises a summer spectacle of blooming flowers and dancing grasses.  

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 All DIY by Ting & Hannes themselves  


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