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A welcoming small garden filled with Australian native & pollinator plants - Small Garden Ideas - Behind the Garden Gate

Jun 29, 2023
Small garden ideas including Australian native plants & pollinator plants

In West Brunswick, VIC, the owners of this charming small garden had a unique request for Garden Designer Emmaline Bowman from STEM Landscape Architecture & Design. They envisioned a front garden that fostered a sense of community, encouraging conversations with neighbours and locals passing by. Instead of a traditional fence, the design aimed to create an open and welcoming space. Check out this garden tour for small garden ideas! 

The east-facing front garden boasts three eye-catching metal curved sculptural pieces, subtly marking a "boundary line" without obstructing the view. To pay homage to the local surroundings, the plant selection emphasises Australian native plants, including some locally indigenous varieties. Additionally, large basalt boulders were thoughtfully incorporated to provide seating options and serve as prominent features in the landscape design.

Preserving and respecting a magnificent old eucalyptus tree in the front garden was of utmost importance. To ensure its well-being, the tree was carefully underplanted with ground covers, small shrubs, and grasses, preserving its delicate root system.

A herringbone recycled redbrick pathway leads visitors along the northern side of the house, seamlessly transitioning into the backyard where brick paths give way to a spacious decking area. The expansive deck, expertly crafted by ID Landscaping Design & Construction, dominates the backyard space. It is accentuated by a beautifully curved timber seat, serving both as a comfortable seating option and an herb planter. The family takes full advantage of the deck for outdoor entertaining, often bringing out their table tennis table for added enjoyment.

Adjacent to the backyard deck, a delightful planting of strawflowers and salvias enhances the garden's appeal while attracting beneficial insects and pollinators. In the north-western corner, a magnificent fig tree, over 30 years old, provides much-needed shade during the hot summer months, creating a pleasant retreat. The northern fenceline has been transformed by the addition of "Happy Wanderer" vine, creeping up the attached reo structure, which adds a vertical touch of greenery.

This meticulously designed small garden is adored by both its owners and the local neighbourhood. Its beauty and practicality serves as a welcoming oasis for wildlife, insects, and humans alike!

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