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Designing a stunning showcase garden from scratch 🌱 DIY Garden Design - Behind the Garden Gate

Nov 17, 2023

Welcome to Wingspread Garden, a stunning example of what passion, dedication, and a bit of DIY magic can achieve in garden design. Join me as we explore this elegant garden oasis nestled in Toolangi, Victoria - Australia.

The owners, Keith and Andrew, designed, built, and created this magnificent garden over the past 14 years, transforming a once-empty space into a breathtaking landscape. Even if you don't have acres to spare, their story is sure to inspire your own DIY gardening endeavours.

As we journey down the 150-metre driveway lined with beautiful Japanese maples, we enter a realm of beauty influenced by the changing seasons. Spring reveals a breathtaking display of Rhododendronn and azaleas, with an enormous Rhododendron standing as a testament to the garden's history.

The garden utilises borrowed landscapes, strategically incorporating surrounding views to create an expansive feel. Despite the strong northerly winds, the garden thrives, showcasing the resilience of its diverse plantings, including a distinctive Tulip tree shaped by the prevailing winds. Keith and Andrew, true DIY enthusiasts, divided this sizeable garden into manageable spaces, starting near the house and expanding beyond. Stand in awe of the Silver Birch grove, thriving without irrigation in the volcanic-rich soil.

Explore small, enclosed spaces near the house, each designed with meticulous care. From a charming water feature surrounded by 450 box hedges to layers of plants and colours, every corner exudes elegance and tranquility. You'll love mass plantings of the tough yet beautiful Bearded Iris and the inviting pool with a mesmerising view.

The backyard unveils a peaceful haven, perfect for relaxation or a friendly game of tennis. Inspired by Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Cruden's fenceless tennis court, Keith and Andrew seamlessly integrated the court into the garden, creating a harmonious space.

Wander through a beautiful avenue of hornbeams, past the tennis court, and toward the mini Arboretum, a new planting showcasing a variety of trees for interest and colour. Admire the carefully selected lilacs and chrysanthemums, protected from rabbits by strategic fencing and a regular application of Blood and Bone.

Behind a massive Westringia hedge lies a small picking garden and a berry patch filled with raspberries, blueberries, pomegranates, and more. Marvel at the mountain ash trees over 80 years old, honoured by the house and garden.

Whether you have a large property or a small garden, let Keith and Andrew inspire your DIY gardening journey. This garden opens its gates to the public every few years, so stay tuned on their Instagram for updates. Thanks for joining us on this garden tour! Like, subscribe, and stay tuned for more inspiring garden stories. If you'd like to subscribe to my FREE weekly email 'The BeanSprout Bulletin' that contains handy gardening tips, tricks and inspiration.

GARDEN DESIGN Garden Design & Build by 🌱 Keith & Andrew - Wingspread Garden Owners -


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